I have requested several times for songs to be removed from your platform! I gave an entire list and was assured that the songs will be investigated and removed and if any questions your investment team will contact me! THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED AND THE SONGS ARE STILL ON YOUR WEBISTE TO BE SOLD!!!  

These songs are uploaded by individuals and royalties are not being paid to the families of the writers including my dad Roger Hatcher​

"Top Down" written by Roger Hatcher, Major Lance, and Swizz  Beatz (if neither one of those people put the song up, REMOVE IT

"I Got Caught Making Love"​ written by Roger Hatcher and Clarence Carter (again if Clarence Carter did not put it up REMOVE IT...ALL OF THEM

"Girl Come On Home"​ written by Roger Hatcher and Major Lance (If the writer's family is not getting paid for that song to be up...REMOVE IT​

REMOVE ALL OF ROGER HATCHER SONGS!!! At least one of them is clearly a cover with his name and picture and major artists music on it...FRAUDULENT

If these songs are not paying royalties to Roger Hatcher's estate in any and all forms....REMOVE THEM

It should not be this EASY for imposters to upload a song that is not theirs and make royalties off of it and this DARN HARD for the real owners to remove it!!!!!!  Agent on the phone said that he did not even have an option to remove the songs....this issue needs resolution ASAP

NEXT IS A REPORT TO BBB​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I can be reached on the phone number provided on the home page​​